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Parking Lot Maintenance

We’re here for all your parking lot repair needs!

It’s unpleasant when you go to a business, only to find that the parking lot is full of potholes and cracks. Thankfully, our paving contractors repair and maintain commercial parking lots so that drivers don’t have to suffer any longer.

At our Shelbyville, TN, asphalt paving company, we provide high-quality parking lot repair and sealcoating services to businesses, property managers, and commercial clients in the Shelbyville, TN area. No matter the size or condition of your lot, our team of experienced professionals will be able to get it looking like new again in no time!

What to Know About Parking Lot Maintenance

If you’re a business owner, then you know that first impressions are everything. When customers or clients pull into your parking lot, you want them to see a well-maintained and level surface, not one full of cracks and potholes.

To that end, we recommend filling any cracks that develop before winter, sealcoating your asphalt lot every few years, and promptly cutting and patching large potholes. Keeping your parking lot free of holes, and sealing cracks will extend the life of your parking lot. It can also help prevent costly damage from developing from water that gets through the cracked asphalt and the problems getting worse because of traffic that drives over the damaged area. Restriping parking lot lines when they become faded or after sealcoating will also keep your parking lot looking fresh and up-to-date.

Our company follows ADA guidelines to ensure that your parking lot is safe and accessible for all.

ADA Guidelines for Parking Lots

Several different ADA Guidelines must be followed when paving a parking lot. These include the following:

  • All parking lots must have at least one handicap-accessible space for every 20 regular spaces.
  • The width of all handicap-accessible spaces must be at least eight feet.
  • Van-accessible spaces must be wider than standard handicap-accessible spaces (at least 11 feet) and have an access aisle that is five feet wide.
  • All handicap-accessible spaces must be designated with the international symbol of accessibility.
  • All parking lot markings must be visible and clearly marked.
  • All traffic islands and curbs must be lower than the level of the adjacent parking spaces so that wheelchair users can easily access them.

How to Keep Your Parking Lot in Top Condition

Parking lots can be a significant eyesore and frustrating to drive through if they are not kept in good condition. The following maintenance procedures will help your asphalt always look its best and also last for many, many years.

  • Repairing potholes and other damage promptly: In the event that your existing parking lot forms a large or small hole, it’s a good idea to get it repaired. A small pothole may need just a cold patch filling. A larger and deeper pothole will probably require cutting and patching. For this repair, the damaged asphalt is cut away and removed, and fresh asphalt is installed and compacted. This long-lasting repair solution not only fixes the pothole, but also helps prevent other ones from forming by preventing any more water from infiltrating through the damaged asphalt surface.
  • Sealcoating on a regular basis: Asphalt sealer works as a barrier between the blacktop surface and the harsh elements that can cause damage to the asphalt. UV rays, water, oil stains, and winter salt can all contribute to the wear and tear of your asphalt surface. The sealant protects asphalt from these, and also helps prevent asphalt from drying out and becoming brittle. As a final benefit, sealing your parking lot improves its appearance, and makes it look new!
  • Crackfilling any cracks that form over the year: Pavement can form cracks due to the shifting of the earth, overly heavy loads, poor installation technique, and other reasons. When your parking lot is cracked, it allows water to infiltrate and during the winter, that water can expand and cause potholes throughout the parking spaces. That is why we recommend sealing and filling cracks before freezing weather. If asphalt has alligator cracking, it may require asphalt resurfacing or replacement, as interconnected sections of cracking can usually not be effectively filled or sealed.
  • Linestriping and pavement markings: Vibrant, bright parking space lines and crosswalks make it easy for drivers to know exactly where to go. Line striping is also one of the ways to bring your parking lot up to code for fire lanes and ADA accessibility guidelines. If you need specialty spots designated for internet order pickups, or no parking zones, we can mark it with our long-lasting and easily-visible markings and striping.

If you don’t have the time or resources to take care of the routine maintenance yourself, then you should consider hiring a professional Shelbyville, TN, parking lot maintenance company like us to do it for you. We offer affordable rates and flexible scheduling so that we can work around your busy schedule. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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